Protect Your Biz. Use what We use.

We provide only a few products, the kind we use. We cater to South African small offices and businesses who all struggle with the same …fill in the blank

And people who are tired of being scammed, lied to, mislead, deceived, cluelessness, and promises made to just get a sale.  We small businesses mostly all have to endure the same troubles.

We have solved some! And we share with you, what works for us. We wont offer a single product to you which we wont buy as our own best choice for our own needs. There are so many budget options out there, you are welcome to go buy on ‘cheapest’. We instead reccommend, buy what works, from us, because HERE you will find THAT the cheapest. The thing that actually works. 

need backup power
how it works

As techies, and as non-newby business people, we solve our own challenges. Then we share 'em.

You will find only a handful of products here. We are authorised resellers for many products, but we only list here what most small offices and home offices and executives really really can use. Those GEMS We researched for many hours.

When it is available, whatever you can buy here, rest assured we are extreme techies and we have made sure what we buy for ourselves is the only solutions we suggest to other small businesses. Tired of being ripped off or buying the wrong thing, be mislead or lies? 

Like, e.g. what do YOU know about charge cycle curves against temp, current & DOD?

Crying because your inverter box wont power up more than a lightbulb anymore?

We know, the sales guy had good intentions and promised you the world, he doesn’t know either. 

OK, Let's Talk Power

Home & Small Biz

You need power for what? A screen, laptop or PC, a Fan to keep cool? Light in the dark? We don't need much to WORK when Eskom plays around with the dark.

Low Power - Long Last

With loadshedding coming which will often extend to 8 ot 12 hours a day, small business and some entrepreneurs are dying, bleeding in the streets. Just need Power!

What'll Work!

We chose small suitable reliable sine-inverters with the correct batteries to give long slow clean power. Yes of course it costs more! You want to spend thousands again it in 6 months? Go buy at the Mall.

See what's in stock


Orders over R2300 are shipped for free with insurance. 

Since we cannot guarantee stock, unless stated, we accept payments by invoice / EFT method only. 

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