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Images below are approved for publishing in social media with affiliate referral link. 

Welcome Affilaite,

Here you will find tips, tricks, ideas,, approved images for advertising purposes. 

NEVER EVER use or try unsolicited junk mail. It will kill everything for everyone and likely shut down our website. And if we get shut down, expect a lawyers letter to come to court. Bring along your piggy bank. 🙂 Just don’t spam, ever.

We will add more digital assets “adverts” over time. You may use these images to promote our power station backup power devices on social media in your area, town, region, but ONLY IN SOUTH AFRICA

Use the provided documents, edit your code and print them. Post them in pinup boards in your local grocery stores, library, everywhere.

It is also a great idea to print gift cards at your local town printer on thick paper stock, like a business card and hand them out everywhere.

Print 10,000 flyers and ask your post office to drop them (for a fee) into all the mailboxes. 

Partner up with people who operate large newsletters, pay them a fee and have them include a gift card in their next newsletter. 

Post your gif-card on social media, facebook groups,  


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